Is advertising in trouble?

Nielsen survey

Nielsen’s annual ‘Trust in Advertising’ study shows that consumer trust in advertising is low. Public discussion of advertising tends to focus on its alleged contribution to societal problems. In response, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) launched in 2008 a global industry campaign to champion the value of advertising. The aim is to ensure that lawmakers and key opinion formers better understand the benefits of advertising and that these are better reflected in the policy making process.

The objective of the survey that covered 25,000 consumers across 50 countries was to provide a better understanding of consumer perceptions of the benefits of advertising. The study reveals that a vast majority of consumers see advertising as playing a key role in the economy: 80% of the world’s consumers believe that advertising helps create jobs and 72% say advertising contributes to economic growth. About 68% of the respondents believe it helps to reduce prices by stimulating competition. A clear majority of consumers across all markets also understand the importance of advertising and sponsorship as a critical source of funding for sports, the arts and the media.

Live and let advertise


The 30-second television spot, once the mainstay of mass marketing, is waning in influence as new technology, including the Internet, cable television and TiVo, fractures the viewing audience.

Consequently, advertisers are turning to alternative forms of promotion to reach consumers, according to Wharton faculty and advertising executives.

Direct advertising on the Internet and through the mail, in-store merchandising programs, product placement in entertainment programs, and sponsorships of sports and cultural events are just some of the ways marketers are now telling their story.

“The trend is away from mass advertising — television advertising in particular — and toward what I call more non-traditional or alternate forms of advertising, some of which are quite old-fashioned,” says Wharton marketing professor Patricia Williams.

Oprah Winfrey’s Pontiac give-away — a reference to Winfrey’s decision on Sept. 13 to bestow a free car on all 276 members of her studio audience — and an episode of The Apprentice that revolved around creating an advertisement for Pepsi Edge are just two examples, she notes.

Williams says the lines between advertising and entertainment are blurring as marketers attempt to build an emotional bond

Advertisers target youth for in-game advertising


PUNE: Kedar Gore, a 16-year old gaming enthusiast in Pune, was playing an online battle game when a popular brand of biscuits popped up in the background. Curious, he led his game character to the biscuit, only to realise it was a power-up to increase the life of his character in the game. He kept playing the game searching for more such power-ups. At the end of the game, the biscuit brand was firmly etched on his mind.

The biscuit brand is not alone. Brands from sectors as diverse as FMCG, apparel, insurance, banking, IT, telecom, are making regular appearances in online games these days.

As the number of young in India grows, more Indians are getting down to playing games, making online gaming a lucrative medium for Indian brands whose target audiences are teenagers and youth. In-game advertising and advergaming — where a game is built around a brand — the two modes have given a much-needed revenue stream to game development. In fact, revenue from in-game advertising is estimated to cross $1 billion within 4 years, according to global experts that

Advertising Tips for Chinese Market

In China, the business’s brand in very important. In the event that you are in Shanghai, an average day is your drink a glass of Starry Desire at Starbuck, you check you e-mails on your Samsung prior to going to your workplace in your BMW.

Arriving at China with a known brand makes the tings simpler, but in Chinese language, it’s more challenging because of difficult terminology, different dialects, make the brand famous is not a fairly easy activity. Choosing its brand and make it populate and then diffuse it in Chine is an integral of success of any company but also a hard challenge

The SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEO) is vital and even more especially on Baidu in China. Actually, being referenced of Baidu is very more challenging than on Yahoo, because in China all the criteria are different than in European countries. Then, companies need to adjust to be together with results whenever a netizen wants key phrases in hyperlink with the business’s activity.

Digital advertisings banners on the web portals and in the net generally that allows to sent a note and catch the attention of customers

Videos are a good communication striking and way, a video is preferable to 1000

5 Steps to become a Successful Content Marketer

To become successful at Content Marketing, you need to have a continuous stream of unique and powerful content which gets popular with your audience translating into better returns for your brand. For most of those marketers out there, this can be a tricky task as most of them do not develop a comprehensive plan for this activity., one of the leading Content marketplace in the country benefitting a huge online fraternity consisting of copywriters, publishers, marketers, brings to light 5 steps which can simplify your working as a Content marketer.


  1. Maintain a continuous stream of ideas

The biggest challenge which most of the marketers face today is to develop a consistent flow of innovative ideas for developing posts which can interest their audience. For this a few simple things can help you like:

  1. Refurbish old content which was popular with your audience earlier by giving it a new look.
  2. Have catchy headlines for all posts. For this you can scan a few popular sites to adapt them to your titles.
  3. Develop 2 to 3 Titles for a post and ask a colleague or two to select

Loan For People With Bad Credit Ranking

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There is always

Promo Mugs – Made For Great Advertising

promotional mugs get noticed and the brand name gains popularity. Mugs offer a large and broader shiny curved surface where the company imprints can be easily incorporated. The large printing space allows the imprints to be written or printed in bold characters which enhance the readability and visibility of the brand logo. Nice, charming and striking logo and company message adds a new dimension and helps in better and improved advertising.

Clients and customers these days are skeptical and they do not get convinced by the pompous and flattering advertisements. A research reveals that media ads and newspaper classifieds fail to leave any impact on the potential customers although they come up everyday. On the other hand, promotional gifts have an immediate effect on the potential customers. People love and like to get gifts and useful promotional gifts like promo mugs are receiver’s delight. The brand name and company message also thus gets disseminated among the vast target audience. All businesses big or small can afford to use promotional mugs as they are affordable and are found in a large variety. The huge collection includes cheap china mugs and plastic mugs to high ended exclusive and designer bone china mugs

The Ins & Outs of Pop up Advertising

In most cases a pop up window turned to a lead or a sale. Pop up advertising tells us the saga that too much of success is a bad thing.

The runaway success of pop up advertising prompted every online advertiser to go popup way. In the beginning, when this form of advertising was an entirely new experience to internet users, people generally welcomed popup advertisements and shoppers made decisions at the sight of a popup ad. Soon pop up advertising became a dirty phrase, and people began to hate this form of advertising. This happened because every websites were using pop up advertising. Many websites went overboard to test with two or three pop ups per page. This created resentment among internet users as the pop ups took away the attention from real web surfing. People were tired of closing every window that pops up without anticipation.

It is no wonder today that there are more companies that specialize in preventing pop up advertising from popping up than the companies that design creative pop up advertising content. Now there are different pop up blocking software solutions available and most of them are for free. Most commonly popup blocking software comes bundled